Attractions & Restaurants

  • This exciting coaster will take you through the world of old American West. From the ravines and the ranch grounds of the cowboys to the parlours and the saloons of the pistol wielding outlaws and sheriffs... Know more

    Gold Rush Express
  • Gear up for an extreme thrill adventure. Because, this wild ride will shoot you like a rocket in the sky in a matter of seconds. ... Know more

    D2 Dare Drop
  • This thrill ride is surely for the crazy ones. If you are looking for absolute disorientation, get seated. The scream machine first gathers some momentum by spinning. Just when you think you could handle it, it starts to swing... Know more

    Scream Machine
  • Hot red flip-tops, rock n’ roll, neon signs of a drive-in & you know you have arrived at a diner from the 60’s... Know more

    red bonnet