Attractions & Restaurants

  • Get on board the pirate boats armed with deadly water guns. Target your opponents, duck from their aim and save yourself from getting drenched by enemy pirates.... Know more

    splash ahoy
  • Hey kids! All aboard this junior roller coaster! It will take you through the world of Robin Hood and his Merry Men.So, get into your bandit mode and gear up for a fun ride!... Know more

    Bandits of Robin Hood
  • The mythical Loch Ness monster, which has emerged in the Scottish lake, is far from a monster. This adorable creature now creates rapids on the flume through your water ride... Know more

    Loch Ness Expplorers
  • Hey kids, get ready to build up those muscles for your pirate friend. He is stranded on the top of the tower and you must row your boat as fast as you can to get to the top to rescue him... Know more

    Save the Pirate
  • Tubbby, the cute baby elephant without any skills has only one friend at the circus- Michel, the trapeze artist. One day as Tubbby leapt forward to save Michel from a fall, he flew! Was that a freak chance or a miracle? ... Know more

    Tubbby Takes Off
  • This attraction is a water based version of the bumpin' cars. It's quite simple. Pick your super awesome motored raft and buckle up. Select your target, race toward them in your raft and then bump... Know more

    Bump It Boats
  • Roberto, the star lion cub chef, has pitched the circus tent under which he has started his own exciting restaurant. He is known to cook up quite a storm... Know more

    Pablos Food Loop
  • The old time sailor’s dropped the anchor for good. As a result, here’s a big ship opened up to patrons for a heritage experience on the wooden deck... Know more

    armada tapas bar
  • Take some Imagica home with you from this quaint store located in the Viva Europa continent..... Know more