Attractions & Restaurants

  • Salimgarh-dungeons, torture rooms and a princess trapped for eternity.
    Would you dare encounter these and live to tell the tale? ... Know more

    Curse of Salimgarh
  • Once again, Mogambo khush hua! Why? Mr. India is back! And so are Seema, Calendar, the kids along with the new side- kick robot, Toota Phoota. And they are faced with yet another battle against terror... Know more

    Mr. India- The Ride
  • The stunning sights of India never looked so beautiful! We will soar like a bird above the gorgeous landscapes; so buckle up as the ride elevates you to amazing heights.... Know more

    I for India
  • A noted archaeologist has discovered the ruins of a temple which has remained unearthed for centuries. But, this is no ordinary temple. It is home to the forces of the Elements... Know more

    Wrath of Gods
  • The Imagica Capital hosts two restaurants offering distinct dining experiences.The Indian buffet restaurant not only offers you timeless cuisines but takes you on a gustatory adventure through the flavours of India ... Know more

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